Gods Waiting Room ***

Gods Waiting Room ***

From the desk of the Soul Stealing Ginger
August 27, 2012

Journaling is not an easy habit to develop.  Every time I think of something to write, I've lost it by the time I sit down to actually write. 

Today was Joeys first day of Cub Scouts.  Of course the pack wanted adult volunteers, even though they would not have me as a den leader (atheist), I feel the need to contribute something, so I signed up to be the pack webmaster. Sigh. It's going to be a long five years to get past the unfortunately named Weblos.  Between two jobs -- one of which is actually paying me to be webmaster, a child and all the other things, I have no idea why I thought I would carry this load as well.  It will just make things more complicated.

I spend so much time trying to find ways to simplify life and make more of my limited time. But every time I recover a second, it seems that life finds something to fill it.  How do normal people manage?

Maybe I'm looking at it all wrong.  I just spent the last week in San Antonio with Dad and his Chosin Few group. At 80, Dad was the third youngest. He could barely make the thousand mile drive as a passenger.  Most of they guys I talked to had very small, limited lives. All were retired, most had some assistance from kids or pros. I couldn't help but think that things were simple for them. No place to be and no time to be there. Simple? Yes. Better that what I have?  Not really. 

As Dad, another Army guy, a Marine and I were riding an elevator, a perky blonde Barbi got on.  She announced that she was from an Austin University and down for the weekend to party.  The little twit asked if there was an ‘old folks convention in town’, and that the lobby and bar looked boring and half dead. Dad or the marine said something like 'just some old folks from the Chosin Few'. The 20ish twit responded with a crack about the hotel lobby and bar looking like  'Gods waiting room'. 

I have no doubt that blondie couldn't find Korea on a map and had no clue what her (great) grandfather may or may not have done there.  And tact was certainly not her strong suit.  But she had a point. 

If life stops being complicated, if there are no longer things we must strive for and accomplish and do, are we like a shark that stops swimming?  Just waiting to die?

From the mouths of babes...

*** The title of this post is in no way intended to imply a belief in any supreme being, nor to exclude any persons opinion of such things.  Muslims, please don't shoot me.  Christians, please don't burn my blog.  Buddhists, namaste. 

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